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A Word about Updates

Think of your website as your internet company car.  As people drive up the internet highway, it’s the first impression they have of your organization so you need to keep the visible parts clean and fresh and the inner workings tuned-up and running smoothly.  Without both in place, your site becomes vulnerable to break-ins and your visual impression becomes dull.  AgoraNet’s update services can help you keep your site updated and looking great.

Content Updates – Detailing your Site

It is important to keep your website content fresh.  Your visitors want to know the latest whether that’s a new service, special offer, or organizational milestone.  New content also signals the search engines that this site is a place to be for the latest information about you, your company, and your industry.  Developing your website within a Content Management System such as WordPress makes it easier for less technical or busy site owners to make frequent updates to the content on the site.

Need Help?  AgoraNet’s update service is ready!

At AgoraNet, we design your site so you can maintain the content yourself.  But that doesn’t mean you HAVE to!  Whether you need assistance some of the time, during your busy season, or only for bigger updates, our update service is available.  Packages are available for 1) very frequent updates, 2) occasional updates, or 3) occasional needs.  You just send your request into our updates service team and your changes will appear on your site within 2 business days.

Framework Updates – Getting those Oil Changes

The framework of your website includes the Content Management System itself as well as any add-ons used to provide enhanced features or capabilities.  Managing the frequent updates to that framework is an often overlooked aspect of maintaining your site.  For example, WordPress and its plugins release updates very frequently for security, bug fixes, or feature enhancements.

Need Help?  Subscribe to our NEW update service!

Our Framework Update service launched in February, 2014, at the request of our clients.  Even clients who perform their own content updates expressed concern about making changes to the underlying framework of the system.  Content update errors can be easily corrected.  Framework update errors can, at best, make your site incompatible with new browser versions or, at worst, bring down your site.  Upgrades to supporting plugins must be coordinated with CMS updates in order to maintain compatibility between the two.

We’re here to help!  For a low monthly fee, our experts will:

  • Check the status of your WordPress or Drupal installation and all plugins, themes, and modules on a semimonthly basis
  • Perform appropriate updates to CMS/plugins
  • Send you a report of the status and any actions taken

With our Framework Update service, you’ll know that you’ve minimized the risk of intrusions and are utilizing the newest technologies.

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