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Web Services:
Design, Development, and Beyond

When a visitor comes to your website, you have 10 seconds to convince them to stay.  The site design conveys who you are and the content tells people what you do.  Our designers have worked with clients in a wide variety of  settings including corporate entities, major universities, government agencies and non-profit organizations.  We design sites that reflect who you are as an organization and turn your visitors into customers, donors, or fellow advocates.

Our website development team takes your web design and turns it into a fully-functional, working website. Your informational content, products and services, online purchasing power, and interactive features all come together to engage your visitors help them make the most of what you have to offer.  All of this is packaged in a content management system that’s easy to maintain so your site stays fresh.

After your site goes live, don’t let it gather dust!  Our website updating team can help you maintain your site infrastructure and content.  Whether you need us all the time or just on occasion, we’re here to help.

Finally, don’t forget about hosting.  Your site needs to be on a reliable server that delivers your pages quickly to your customers.  We offer our own hosting services as well as HostGator hosting for sites that only need routine services.

Custom Software Programming

Do you have a need that off-the-shelf software can’t fill? Do you have aspects of your operation that are so unique you need something written just for you? Our software developers can program an application that fits your precise needs. We can develop applications that interact with websites or applications that run locally under Microsoft Windows.

iPhone & Android Smartphone mobile apps

Today your customers aren’t just sitting behind a desk.  They are out and about and need information at a moment’s notice.  Do you offer a service that you want available to users right on their smartphone?  If so, consider a mobile app!  We can design apps for your iPhone and Android users that will keep them connected with you wherever they go.

Need Routine Hosting? We are a HostGator affiliate

Need more control? Check out their options for VPS and Dedicated Hosting

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